The New U.S. Policy: What It Means for Cuba

With renewed relations and increased travel between the two countries, does Cuba even need us anymore? Read more.

First-Hand Aid Reacts to 50-Year Break In US/Cuban Diplomatic Relations

December 12 2015
Executive Director Marc Bohland speaks to WOOD-TV about this historic announcement and what it means for our work and the Cuban people.

Carrying On In Cuba

August 8 2015
Even as we see huge changes in the U.S./Cuban relationship, life remains very much the same for the Cuban people: food shortages, a lack of medicine, and no support programs for the hungry or disabled. See inside Cuba as more tourists descend upon this tropical island.

Havana in Chicago Fundraiser

Havana in Chicago Raises Money for Impoverished Cubans” – Windy City Times, July 21, 2014


Cuba: Reaching Forward, Caught in the Past

January 1 2007
This provides an overview of life in Cuba and those served by First Hand Aid

Introduction to Traveling to Cuba

November 11 2013
Joy Walzcak from 8West provides an introduction to traveling to Cuba with First Hand Aid.

Work of First Hand Aid

November 11 2013
From hospitals to homes to clinics, Joy Walczak from 8West reviews the work that First Hand Aid does to aid children and families in Cuba.

On the Street in Havana

November 11 2013
Joy Walczak from 8West shows some of the activities you can participate in walking down the street in Havana.

Volunteer Stories from First Hand Aid

November 11 2013
Individuals who volunteered to travel share their motivation to do so.

A Lesson In Diplomacy Promo

March 3 2013
promotional campaign for our upcoming feature documentary film about the baseball team at Grand Valley State University making their way to Havana, Cuba to play a team gathered from their national league players. The experiences of the trip included baseball at the international level, an educational experience of culture and diversity, and contained a service element with a humanitarian organization called First Hand Aid.